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JellyCam – the easy way to make stop motion animation

Stop motion animation is the process of taking a sequence of photographs, making minor changes between each shot and then sequencing all images into an animated film. Traditionally stop motion animation involved clay / plasticine figures being moved just a fraction of a millimetre for each shot. Famous examples of stop frame animation include Peter [...]

Reinforcing Maths Concepts Using GoAnimate

GoAnimate is a a free online animation tool that I have recently been using with my S1 ICT class, but which I am now looking at as a resource that can support learning in the Maths department. One approach would be to use GoAnimate to reinforce / revise mathematical concepts which pupils have been learning. [...]

Xtranormal – a great tool for revision

UPDATE 12 JAN 2011 – As Xtranormal is no longer free, I have written a similar post explaining how to use GoAnimate for as a revision tool. I had a look at Xtranormal about 6 months ago before I came back into teaching.  It could see it had great potential in the classroom but it slipped [...]

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