PrimaryPad – from the ashes of Etherpad

In November 2009 I wrote about EtherPad which I think is a fantastic tool for classroom collaboration. I could see a number of uses for it in various subject areas across the school, and was planning to introduce it to other departments next session.

Then, in December, AppJet, the company behind Etherpad announced that Google had acquired the business, and that the tool would no longer be available with immediate effect. However, after 24 hours and much uproar from existing EtherPad users, it was announced that not only would Etherpad remain open until March 2010, but more importantly the code would be open source.

This allowed John McLear (@johnmclear on Twitter) to adapt the EtherPad code to create PrimaryPad. As far as I can tell, the core functionality is exactly the same, it’s only the login screens which differ. So EtherPad lives on in PrimaryPad, and despite it’s title I can see no reason why it cannot be used as a collaborative tool in secondary schools.

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